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Nobuyuki is a normal student who was involved in a traffic accident. After regaining his consciousness, he found himself in the Edo period!

Yoshimune, a beautiful swordswoman whose hobby is vanquishing evil.
Muneharu, the flashy daughter of one of the three great families.
Tamaki, his imouto who also time-slipped to the Edo period.
Rin, a shy kunoichi who lives next door to him.

Along with these four beautiful girls, he acquired possession of the cheat sword “Reitou Retsuzan”, which has a mind of its own, to become the greatest swordsman of Edo. It wouldn’t be long before the battle for the mysterious ‘hidden treasure’ would lead to a major event that would shake the Shogunate.


Title : Shogun-sama wa Otoshi Goro
Original Title : 将軍様はお年頃
Length : Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Language : Japanese


Single Link : DOWNLOAD


1. Extract then Mount Iso to Install
2. Play and [optional] run with Japanese Locale Emulator (How?) Here's the step
  • For Windows 10, Download the file ,then install LEInstaller.exe
  • For Windows 7,8,8.1 Download file, then install pApploc
If you done install program above, just click right mouse game.exe that you will play, then choose Run As Japanese Locale (Administrator)
Locale Emulator Windows 10

pApploc Windows 7,8,8.1
4. Enjoy

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