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Ritsuki, his imouto Runa and osananajimi Mayu attend a school that is popular for its drama activities, with many of its graduates going on to become famous actors and scenario writers. Shortly after the entrance ceremony, they were invited by their classmate Inori to join the drama club. Ritsuki was eager to aim for the school’s primaries for the national competition, but first-year students were forbidden from participating in the contest. They wouldn’t accept the fact that they were excluded just because they didn’t have much experience. If only they were allowed to demonstrate their acting abilities…

Rumour has it that there is a ghost that haunts the theatre. It is said that it will grant any wish so long as it is related to drama.


Title: Sono Hi no Kemono ni wa 
Original Title: その日の獣には / Beast
Length: Medium (10-30 Hours)
Language: Japanese



[Size : 7GB]
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