Am I Stop Uploading Visual Novel ? (Not Really)

Hello Everyone. In this occasion, I will say one or two things on my mind.
first, I apologize for the inconvenience. from now on, will not upload the newest visual novel Japanese or English.

but I will keep my promise. for the latest visual novel that i have posted, i will update it. ( such as a partial patch that incomplete )

let me tell you the reason why am I stop

1. Google Drive Account has reached maximum storage. I can't upload it again.
2. I'm very busy on my college schedule. so I can't manage this site again.
3. No money to pay the site. Because this site needs at least renew the domain.
4. I need at least a new uploader who is willingly uploading the Visual Novel to GD. Of course, I will pay for it.
5. Motivation

thank you for your support until now. I really appreciate it. >//< 

but well ...

this is just 'future tense' so whether it is stopped or not. it's all up to you. 
i really hope for the future, consider to give a comment or reaction that makes me happy enough to add the motivation. last but not least, thank you. 

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