Free Request Visual Novel [ENG/JP]

Free Request Visual Novel JP | ENG

Good day everyone! long time no see =w=

When the popularity of our blog has increased rapidly, we get confused as to how to find another visual novel. that is why we will have you request the game Visual Novel both English and Japanese (Raw).

as you know, if you request visual novel raw, it will take time quite long because our main objective is to make sure all of you find the English visual novel game. but, that's just temporarily.

even if the request itself has higher popularity doesn't mean that we'll update it. It will depend on how you are following the format 'how to request vn's jp/eng'. once again, make sure you follow the rules 'how to request visual novel JP/ENG' 

Okay, for all of you, there's format how to request visual novel JP/ENG
here is how to request
0. Like our Fanspage first

1. Make sure you give a title of a visual novel game that you will request. 
example: I req Sanoba Witch!

2. Put the link VNDB (if possible) to determine whether the request will be accepted or not.
example: VNDB link: or v18694

3. Gives the picture (cover) VN game that you will request
example : 
vn : kimagure temptation | 28-9-2019 release date

4. Like our facebook fanspage so that we can post the game everyday. 

5. Write the request at Disqus Comment.

6. Well, not all the request on the Disqus Comment Section will be accepted. But if you request the ENG VN's, we'll accept it. As for RAW VN's we'll consider it first.

7. I suggest to all of you to request the VN's that have 18+ Scene.

now, have you read the format? if you have, just write the request on Disqus Comment!
thank you! ^^

note: the first 5 comments/requests will be accepted soon!
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