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This is an all-ages title from PULLTOP. The Ogasawara Islands is designated as a natural World Heritage Site. Hiroki visited the island for the first time in four years to help with his grandmother’s shop during summer vacation. He met the beautiful blonde girl Emily on the boat ride to the island. She had run away from home to retrieve a ‘treasure which had sank into the sea’. He reacquainted with his osananajimi Chisa on the island and she told him that there was a sunken ghost ship. It is said that the treasure which Emily was looking for was aboard this sunken ship. He couldn’t leave a scuba diving novice like Emily alone and Chisa didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so they ended up searching for the treasure together.


Title : Sora to Umi ga Fureau Kanata / Adventure of a Lifetime / Umikana
Original Title : 空と海が、ふれあう彼方
Length : Short ( 2 - 10 Hours )

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