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Black Kigyou - Seishori Jigyoubu VN Download GoogleDrive | Black Office - Enternatinment Department | VN Download GoogleDrive | Free Download GD Uncensored


Reiko Kimura is a newbie to the society after university graduation.
She was from the country side and dream to live in the big city for a long time. After graduation, she found a job in a company in the city and works in the fourth sales department. So, she said good-bye to her family and boyfriend in the country and came to the city alone. She lives in the apartment which was provided by the company and it's only a few minutes walk to the office. Everything looks wonderful to her from the beginning and she had a big dream about it. Although she understand there could be some sexual harassment happens in office usually. She does not believe that would be a huge matter. Unfortunately....

"Shizuri Sayama" is the second main character of the story who entered the company couple of years before Reiko and had the same experience. She was trying to work with Reiko and escape the situation before it goes worst....


Title :  Black Office - Enternatinment Department
Original Title : ブラック企業~性処理事業部~
Language : ENGLISH
Release Date : 28 - 10 - 2019

18+ Adult Uncensored

sorry, the other pics is too lewd. you can see it direcly on the game.


Single Link  : GOOGLEDRIVE  | MEGA
Patch Android : MEGA

Download Kirikiroid2.apk : MEGA (bypass license)
Download Kirikiroid2.apk v2 : GD | MEGA (fixed force close/ thanks to Exe Exe)

How to play on Android :
1. Extract then Copy the game's to Internal Memory
2. Copy the patch_android_boed file to game's directory
3. Open kirikiroid, go to game's directory then open data.xp3 / bin
4. Enjoy


1. Extract
2. Play the game ( run as japanese locale )

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