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Boku no Amayaka Seikatsu -Seishou-chou Kankouka, Mainichi Ecchi na Locodol Katsudou!- VN Download GoogleDrive | ボクのあまやかせいかつ-星湘町観光課、毎日えっちなロコドル活動! | Carol Works | VN Download GoogleDrive | Free Download GD


As soon as his summer vacation started, Hikari was called to the Seishou town office where his older sister Meika and cousin Niina worked. He was shocked when they told him that since they had used the budget for the Seishou Shiosai Matsuri to cover up a previous mistaken order, it was clear that some of the planned events at the festival would have to be cancelled. They were afraid that there would be found out and fired in disgrace, and expected him to do something about it. Meika sensed resistance from him, and took drastic measures. She forced him to dress up as a girl and work as a temporary worker doing PR for the town’s tourism division. Together with help from Niina’s imouto Eiru, will the festival proceed with no problems?


Title : Amakatsu / Boku no Amayaka Seikatsu -Seishou-chou Kankouka, Mainichi Ecchi na Locodol Katsudou!- 
Original Title : ボクのあまやかせいかつ-星湘町観光課、毎日えっちなロコドル活動!-
Language : Japanese
Length : Short ( 2 - 10 Hours )
Screenshots / CG




1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, Install.
3. Apply the crack if needed.

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