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Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou VN Download GoogleDrive | 働くオタクの恋愛事情 | Hataota | Akabei Soft3 | VN Download GoogleDrive | Free Download GD


Tetsuya works hard as a taxi driver, and enjoys anime, manga and games during his private time. While he is satisfied with his current situation, he can’t help but feel a bit lonely not having anyone around with whom to share his hobbies.

One day, he picked up a female passenger and noticed that she had a keychain of a character from an old anime he loved. They chatted happily about anime during the ride and she gave him a business card when she got off. She worked at the anime song bar Blue Comet, a place where otaku like him can gather and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. He was somewhat interested and decided to pay it a visit. Meeting others who have the same hobbies as him, his daily life began to gradually change.


Title : Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou
Original Title : 働くオタクの恋愛事情
Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 - 30 hours)
VNDB : https://vndb.org/v19592
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1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, Install.
3. Apply the crack if needed.

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