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The title is a reference to "The Ugly Duckling" (みにくいアヒルの子)

Described as "Physical and Mental Violation ADV", you take the role of a Tanezaki Suteru who's being bullied for looking ugly. As a result of this he is an introvert and as much as looking into peoples faces is a horrifying task to him. However, he has the power to read the true intentions of someones heart if he does manage to do so, which automatically happens upon seeing their faces within the range of 120cm. The ability to read these information manifest themselves in so called "Moji" which show him time after time how cruel and full of lies the world may be.

After a prank confession by his personal crush Miyu he decides to enact revenge onto those who look down upon him...


Title : Minikui Mojika no Ko
Original Title : みにくいモジカの子
Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 - 30 hours)

Screenshots / CG




1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, Install.

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