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[ Hello Lady! ]

Tianhe Noble School: 21st century when various social problems block the way for humankind.
"Tenkawa Noble School" is the cutting-edge elite school of selected people who seek to train young people from all over the world as'Noble 'to create a bright future .
And, it is five beautiful girls called "crown" that govern Toshihide and the others as the top of "school".

One day, Crown chief Otonashi Saku falls into a predicament after a terrorist attack.
The one who saved Saku was a man who resembled a sudden spring breeze.
"That's the sixth person ... that's the'male '"
"Mari Narita. Saku Otonashi"

He is the transfer student.
This was Fumiko, Mari Narita, who was invited to the school as the sixth crown.
However, Mari Narita disagrees with the order of the school.
"I will do something in the name of the will and will bring change to this'small garden '
. " "Saku Otonashi orders. In the name of Crown, Mari Narita overlooks. I couldn't do it. ”
A wind called" Meeting "had begun to blow in front of the school and the noble girls --------

[New Division]

They were called" HMI ". Those with the power of incompetence. The possibility of humanity.
Tianhe Noble School in Okushima City, T Prefecture
It is a
white paradise created by the chairman, "Gomon Kurofune, " to raise the HMI into the next-generation elite, "Noble."
However, a man comes to <school>.
The name of the man who held the rebellion was "--Mari Narita".

After being robbed of everything by Gimon Kurofune and his three friends, he vows revenge
and hides himself in order to give the traitors a suitable hammer, and moves into the
enemy's stronghold, School.

The school's lead "Otonashi Saku" and even the challenge of the <Crowns> have been rejected, and the
promised "vengeance drama" has finally begun ... However, there are
still unspoken stories.
――― That's the golden [New Division].

[Superior Entelecheia]

"Possibility of guiding humanity to a new stage, where did" Hello "come from?"
Mari Narita ----
To hide the past and go to <School> as a student to attack the enemies who destroyed the clan The revenge demon who joined.

The remaining corpses are Tokino Yomisen and Mikaru Kurofune, the leader of the enemy.
Narita, who secretly listens to the opportunity of remuneration, was ordered to participate in the
"experiment" at the deepest part of the secret facility <Plant>
with Saku Otonashi, the head of <Crown>.

The bottom of the ground 120 meters below the ground.
The large experiment (Eldridge Experiment), which is the very purpose of <School>, was started,
The seal at the deepest part is released. At that time, what appeared in front of Narita
was the captivity of Gomon Ruri, the beloved younger sister who should have been killed by the Kurofune seven years ago.
"--You came, brother."

Narita struggles head-on with the maximum strength of <School> to rescue Ruri.
A true revelation that is exposed. The end mechanism that starts to move.
What is "the power of the past" that exceeds the "hello"?
It was
the beginning of a terrifying and sad battle leading to Mari Narita's greatest revenge and the root of <Hello> !

Includes the base game, fandisc, and the scenario added in the Vita version.
There are also 5 new H scenes.


Hello Lady!
Hello Lady! -New Division- [FD]


Title :  Hello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia-
Original Title : ハロー・レディ!-Superior Entelecheia-
Language : Japanese
Length :  -





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3. Enjoy!
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