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My childhood friend is my fiancée and my… maid!?

It was the day before summer break. On that day, the protagonist, Katsuhara Kei, was given an astonishing instruction from his father:

“You have a fiancée. Go greet her.”

Kei, still harboring unrequited feelings for his childhood friend Annabel, proceeded to the meeting place planning to decline the marriage proposal. But waiting there for him was… Annabel in maid clothes.

“I’m your fiancée, and from today on you’re my master♪”

And so, this summer break Kei began living together with Annabel.


Title :  Anabel Maid Garden
Original Title : アナベル・メイドガーデン
Aliases: アナメイ, Anamei, Annabel Maid Garden
Language : Japanese
Length : -



1. Extract
2. Play and run with Japanese Locale Emulator

3. Enjoy!
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