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This is the second game in Campus’s low-priced Uso series.

There are many types of lies and everyone has their own reasons to lie. It could be to protect, to deny, to misrepresent, or to keep things unchanged. Souichirou can tell if someone is lying, even if he doesn’t know the specific reason. He gained this ability from a magician one day after wishing to know ‘true feelings’. In exchange, he requires magic power from fulfilling magic contracts, under the guise of the ‘Neko no Te Bu’ (cat’s hand club) at Mahoshi Gakuen. As a result, he became known as the school’s top troublemaker.

Souichirou first met his kouhai Aoi last summer when she was dispatched to inspect his ‘Neko no Te Bu’ club and she watched him with hostile eyes. In the year since then, they had gotten closer and then moved apart from one another. Now, after many twists and turns, the club has got a new member and the days were rambunctious as ever.

Then one day, he woke up and found himself in a room which he had visited once a year ago. When he tried to recall what happened the night before, he got an intense headache. Sleeping next to him was the girl who always verbally abused him. Moreover, she was totally naked for some reason.


Title :  Natsu Uso -Ahead of the Reminiscence-
Original Title : ナツウソ -Ahead of the reminiscence-
Language : Japanese
Length : Short (2 - 10 hours)




1. Extract
2. Play and run with Japanese Locale Emulator

3. Enjoy!

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